eChain powered CMS/SNS with Smart Contract Extensions

Next-Gen OSS Content Management System

Powered by VeChain

VePress is powered by the VeChainThor blockchain and compatible with Sync and Comet. All you need to get started is one of connex compatible clients and VePress will recognize your VeChain address as your user account.

Open-source CMS/SNS

VePress will replace the backend servers and DB systems used by the old-fashioned CMS such as Drupal and Wordpress with blockhain and serverless technology. Node.js, React, Firebase (GCP) are what powers the non-blockchain part of VePress.

Monetize with Social Tipping

VePress integrates social tipping with the platform, so you can easily monetize your content in a new way. You write an articles and with a few clicks, others can directly tip you in the article using VET, VTHO and other VIP180 tokens.

Decentralized Network

VePress won't be just a single centralized node SNS platform. Shortly it will be fully open-sourced, thus anybody will be able to contribute and start their own node but still interconnected via VeChain blockchain. We will also provide a fully managed SaaS for non-techy users in the future.

Import from Other Platforms

In addition to creating and posting original contents on VePress, it will let you import your contents from other platforms such as Wordpress, Youtube, Twitter and other blockchain-based CMS/SNS like Steemit. You will be able to monetize all your contents regardless of where on the web they were originally uploaded.

Extensible with Smart Contracts

VePress will be extensible with smart contracts and it will give developers unlimited ways to enhance VePress functionalities with trustless operations. "Campaign" is one such example, with which you can pool VET for the prize to win and the smart contract will automatically calculate entries and distributes the prizes according to your preferred settings.


Campaign Contract

The Campaign Contract can be used to run trustless contests or events where you want to pool VET to automatically distribute at the end of the campaign period.

Ticket Contract

The Ticket Contract can be used to buy and sell any forms of service on the platform. With this contract, you can have paid articles or subscripton srvices, e-commerce feature etc.

Pluggable Smart Contracts

VePress will make it possible to plug arbitrary VeChainThor smart contracts into the platform so we can utilize unlimited extensibility of CMS. A smart contract marketplace is on the horizon!



No matter how you run VePress, all the VePress nodes will be interconnected on the VeChainThor blockchain. That is the beauty of this ecosystem! (Free)

You are right on it! is the center of our VePress community! You can simply login and post articles using Sync or Comet on this site. It will be forever free for all members of VeFam.

Deploy OSS VePress (Free)

So you want to run your own VePress just like We hear you! We are working hard to open source the entire project so anybody can run their own VePress node.

VePress SaaS (Paid)

What if I can't do all the OSS setup myself? No worries! We plan to launch fully managed VePress as a service. It'll be a paid service, but you can have your own Vepress without any hassle.


Our team consists of a muti-award winning engineer, a social influencer in the crypto universe, and 35+ potential contributers in our dev community. We are also the core members of one of the most enthusiastic crypto communities in Japan. We have a dev base in Berlin, Germany but a strong community base in the Japanese social media.


10+ years Software Engineer

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